My First Exhausted Pen

Not too long ago I was going through the storage area of my new home and trying to consolidate down all the bins and boxes we have. Having moved nearly every year for the better part of the last decade, there was a background group of boxes that just went with us everywhere. Small memories, cards, photos, trinkets: stuff like that. It was rarely ever opened let alone actually sifted for worthwhile content.

That changed when we decided that now since we own our house and won’t be moving that we need to take full ownership of all our space. A big part of this was clearing up storage and using that space for something worthwhile.

Prior, it was just dead space. A disorganized pile of knickknacks from two different lives that had never been taken on. But now this was our opportunity to use all the space, get rid of our junk, and keep what we like. And for everything we kept- well, we have an attic now.

Going through one of my boxes I came across this- a truly momentous occasion in my life:

I work in sales, and I’m usually on the phone most of the day. Note-taking is very important to me- I hate typing while I’m on the phone, and it also is impossible to neatly illustrate anything in a text editor. I love to write, as I’ve said, so I relish any opportunity to.

I’m also very prone to losing things. I lose everything- usually finding the daily carry combination of my wallet, keys, and phone is a challenge. So when I was able to hang on to a single pen on my cluttered desk and write enough to fully consume the ink, it seemed epic. Like the time I finished an entire Chap Stick without losing it, or when it took us almost 7 years to fully use up a jug of hand soap from Sam’s Club.

I couldn’t even tell you if I’ve done this since with a ballpoint pen. Fountain pens, thirsty bastards they are, are easy enough to blow through a cartridge in a day or two. Even gel ink or rollerball pens are a little more doable, since they’re much inkier. But ballpoints? That takes work.

I know this is a lot of rumination over what is pretty much an insignificant event. I think why it was so interesting is that I felt it was so uncommon to actually use something to its fullest. That things are so disposable, the ink reservoirs ought to be 1/3 of what they are since they never get used anyways. They certainly won’t last you 7 years.

Of course, it is also entirely possible that I am just very wasteful and forgetful with a propensity to attach significance to small things.


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