Inoxcrom Vivaldi Fountain Pen

Inoxcrom Vivaldi

My first fountain pen was an Inoxcrom. I lost it years ago but I still have fond memories of it. That’s why I always look closely at pens from the spanish maker whenever I see them. These caught my eye because of the heavy stainless steel construction and shortness. At around $4.50 dollars it’s hard to find a better fountain pen, in fact it’s not far from the price of disposables.

Inoxcrom Vivaldi

Like all Inoxcroms, it’s only available in M point and is made in Spain. Design wise it is modern with an industrial look and feel, while having a youthful touch. Quality is high, with heavy materials and high grade plastic and rubber grip, something that may not be immediately evident.

Inoxcrom Vivaldi

I must say I’ve used other pens with the exact same nib and they tend to be hit or miss, a couple were scratchy and other pair perform flawlessly. On the Vivaldi I did not found any problem and was indeed surprised with the smoothnes of the nib.

Inoxcrom Vivaldi

The pen is shorter and wider than your average fountain pen, to the point that it can only take short international cartridges and is uncomfortable to write with when it’s uncapped. But the cap posts very securely and transforms it into a larger, more comfortable pen. I usually find myself throwing the Vivalvi into my pocket because of its size and because there is nothing to break or damage to be made either to your pocket or the pen itself. The clip is pretty solid and will not break, it actually sits low and very securely when attached to your shirt or pants pocket. This pen is available in a variety of colors and decorations. I particularly like the plain steel and green/yellow (it’s the exact same shade as the Xbox 360 game cases). I am not sure I like the Jolly Roger motiff, but at least it is unusual and not in bad taste, it even incorporates the brand’s logo discreetly. My only complaint is that these stamped patterns wear off, but that’s the case with every steel pen, so it cannot be held against this model.

All in all a nice addition to your collection or an unusual choice for every day carry, in any case a very solid deal.

This is my first handwritten sample, so please excuse the poor penmanship. I refilled with Lamy black, which is one of my favorite blacks, but the pen comes with a couple of cartridge with Inoxcrom inks, which are quite good but unfotunately only available in short carts. Disregard the part wher the pen seems to skip the stroke, it is not the usual behavior, I had not used it in a couple of months.

Inoxcrom Vivaldi


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  1. Hi,

    I also had a similar Inoxcrom pen growing up and would like to purchase the one you have shown in the picture. Could you please kindly tell me where you bought it from, if that’s OK?

    Thank you! NP

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