So… why pens?

I’m not sure I can explain it, but it really is simple: I like pens. I noticed from an early age that I felt at home when I was writing or drawing, pen in hand. I grew more observant of pens and pencils and how people around me treated them. Some broke them, bit them or lost them, even gutted them and used them as blowguns. As if there was nothing special about pens. But I liked them and tried to keep them until they ran out of ink. Yes, they are mere tools, but they felt at home in my hand and nothing bad ever happened when I had my fingers around a pen. I like that they force you to write slowly compared to keyboards and you can focus and think more clearly when using them. I like to try and compare new pens and inks and colors according to my mood.


I like pencils too, and fountain pens surprise me the most. At first they look so complicated! But in no time you feel the smoothnes and beauty of the lines and letters, even if you think your penmanship is not something to be proud of, they don’t complain. They follow reliably the movements of your hand and help you remember things. I never get bored with pens, there are so many to choose from!

Pens are little things that you carry around, constant companions in life. It’s hard to notice them when they are laying around, but if you need one and can’t find any there’s no easy alternative. It’s our hands who are able to write, but rarely on their own.

The idea of a pen blog has been in my mind for years, but I kept like that. Today I finally decide to start writing about pens because I enjoy reading and thinking about them. Rumor has it, others enjoy it too.


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